Why You Should Keep a Homebrew Beer Journal

One of the most common questions I ever get asked by a newcomer to homebrewing is ‘What went wrong…?”

There is no one answer to this question, as it could be any number of reaons. Think back to when you first started the brew, any concerns you had during the bottling process and you will realize that all of this happened over a month ago and you can’t really remember any clear information.

  • Was it a really hot week?
  • Was the hydrometer reading unusual?
  • Did you slacken off in the cleaning process?
  • How much sugar did you put in?
  • How long did you leave it in bottles for?

All of these questions could be the answer to your problems and you really need to be able to answer them.

I recommend to any homebrew beginners that they start a Homebrew Beer Journal which keeps a track of all the information you need as well as a ranking of your favourite brews. Over a year long period you could brew dozens of different beers, each with their own problems, solutions, flavours and different characteristics.

At the end of the year I suggest that you read over your journal, look back at your favourite brews and try them again. More often than not they will taste just as good if not better than they did the first time you brewed them.

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