Why Brew Your Own Beer

People have been brewing their own beer for thousands of years, and it is becoming increasily popular in the modern world. Even though beer is readily accessible, creating your own is a great experience for several reasons:

  1. Price – Brewing beer is extremely cheap, especially after the initial cost of setting up a system. It can cost as little as $15 to brew up to 20 litres of beer. That is less than $1/litre.
  2. Taste – Because you get to choose exactly what goes into your beer, you can influence exaclty what comes out.
  3. Environment – Homebrewing beer is much better for the environment than buying beer.

I recommend that everyone should start to brew their own beer, just for their own sake. Start investigating what kind of beers you like, and within a few days you can start to make your own in only a few short weeks.

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