Top 6 Beer Blogs

If you search throughout the internet there are hundreds of sources of homebrewing information, but if you sift through all the rubbish you can discover some truly great beer blogs. I have narrowed these down to the top six, in no particular order:

BS Brewing’s The Champagne of Blogs

Blog Sober’s indepth look at various beer related subjects makes a great read, and I recommend them to any beer lover.

A Blog About Beer

Luke looks at all kinds of beer information, and homebrewing secrets.

Stonch’s Beer Blog

A London beer blog run by a publican.

Fermentedly Challenged

This Colorado based beer blog has heaps of great beer reviews in case you are looking for some different flavors to try.

Beer Utopia

Full of homebrew beer tutorials and equipment reviews, Beer Utopia easily makes the list.


Fermentarium has a lot of advanced homebrewing beer tutorials and other information.

I think that all beer lovers should glanch through all of these top blogs, and subscribe to your favorites.

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