The Top 7 Homebrew Beer Books

I always recommend to homebrew beginners that they go out and buy a guide to brewing beer at home. It gives you tips and advice that starter kits don’t as well as enable you to start making your favorite styles and flavors instantly.

As you can imagine there are hundreds and hundreds of homebrewing books out there and it can be near impossible to pick one out of the crowd. For this reason I have listed the top 7 best selling homebrew books on Amazon.

This does not mean that they are the most informative or the education – they are simply the most popular.

  1. How to Brew – Everything You Need to Know to Brew Beer Right the First Time by John J Palmer.
  2. The Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Charles Papazian
  3. Designing Great Beers: The Ultimate Guide to Brewing Classic Beer Styles by Ray Daniels
  4. Clone Brews: Homebrew Recipes for 150 Commercial Beers by Tess Szamatulski and Mark Szamatulski
  5. The Beer Book by Sam Calagione and Tim Hampson
  6. Homebrewing For Dummies by Marty Nachel
  7. Ultimate Beer by Michael Jackson

I can honestly recommend any of these books as a starter. Before you start brewing you really need to understand what is actually going on and why you do certain things.

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