How to Get Started Home Brewing Beer

The First things that you need to do when starting to brew beer in your home is gather all the materials that you may need. This will consist of a lot of things depending on what type of beer you are making and what recipe you are using.

Start first getting all your equipment ready. This means you should set it all up and clean. You must start with sanitized equipment. So take everything apart and clean and sanitize, then place back together. When you set it all back up, make sure its set up where you want it to stay. Once you add the ingredients, it will be hard to move.

Start Brewing
Now it’s time to add all your ingredients and start brewing. Following your recipe you should add all your ingredients. Mix well and let it sit.

Now you have to let your beer fermentate. This basically means it needs to sit still. You should let it sit still for 5-7 days. If you can wait a bit longer then that’s even better. Just think, the longer that you wait, the better its going to be. Most alcohol gets better as it ages and beer is no different. After you have let it sit for a week or longer then you can begin to bottle.

Making sure that your bottles are all sanitized you can begin bottling your beer. If your bottles are not sanitized, then you need to start off with this first. This is very important. Any left over residue can and will affect your final product. Once you have done that, you can begin pouring your beer into the proper bottles. After you have poured the beer into the bottles, tightly fit the caps onto the bottle. Make sure there are no air leaks. You want a firm fitting cap. Now your ready to wait some more.

Bottle Conditioning
After packaging your bottles and fitting then you need to let your beer sit longer. Letting them sit in their final package is vital to the entire process. If you shorten this process your final product will be altered. You need to let these sit in a dark room. A room that is not to cold and not to hot. It’s best to let them sit like this for 3-4 weeks at the least. Once you have waited the correct time, then you may place them into the fridge and once they are cold it is then time to taste your final product. Enjoy the homebrewed beer you just made.

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