Homebrew Beer Fermentor Types

There are a variety of different types of fermentors that you can use for brewing your own beer, and they all have pros and cons which must be weighed up based on your own scenario.

All a fermentor really is is a container for holding your beer while it is fermenting, however it does have certain characteristics:

  • It needs to be air tight, so that oxygen does not get into the bucket during fermentation.
  • It needs to be easy to clean so that bacteria does not stick to the walls or lid

The three most common types of fermentors are the carboy, the pail and lid, and the less common demijohn.


The carboy is my personal favorite and is the type of fermentor that I currently use. It is pretty much a large plastic container, which a hole in the lid for an airlock and a tap in the bottom.

Pail and Lid

The second most common type of fermentor is the pail and lid, which truly is a bucket with a lid. It also has a tap at the bottom.


Usually much smaller than the other two fermentors, the demijohn is made of glass, and is more useful for smaller batches of beer.

From my position I cannot choose which fermentor is best for your situation, however the most common is the carboy, and it is a good starting point for any homebrew beginner.

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