Environmental Benefits of Homebrewing Beer

With so much concern about the environment, there is an easy way to cut out your carbon footprint. Every beer that you drink from a brewery causes a lot of pollution – proccessing, and transportation. By brewing your own beer you can dramatically reduce this environmental impact.

After some amount of practice you can brew beer that either imitates your favorites beers or tastes even better than them. So if you are concerned about how your beer drinking can impact on the environment, than don’t fear, there is an easy solution – homebrewing.

If you buy a single carton of beer, think about the huge amount of packaging that is included – the beer bottles, their labels, the box, and the six pack plastic wrapping. Homebrew beer removes these completely by ignoring all the packaging and recycling the bottles.

This impact becomes even more dramatic when buying imported beer. These often travel thousands of kilometers, burning through massive amounts of fuel and polluting the environment. Brewing your own beer completely removes the need for packaging and transportation, making it a much more environmentally friendly alternative.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint - Brew Your own Beer

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint - Brew Your own Beer

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